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A Poll For Artists

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Calling All Serialists (aka Web Scribes)

For those who write serial/web fiction, check out the new page I just started, The Web Scribes.


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5 Tips On How To Keep Your Readers Coming Back For More


How do you write a serial fiction that will have readers coming back for more?  Here’s a list of ideas that I’ve found that worked for others:

1. Post new chapters/sections in a timely fashion.  Don’t wait several weeks or months to post a new entry to your story.  Readers don’t like to wait very long to see what happens next.

2. Show, don’t tell.  Make your story come to life in a reader’s mind by showing what happen.  Allow the reader to lose her or himself in the world you created.

3. Try to end each section or chapter with a cliffhanger.  Give your readers no choice but to come back!

4. Make sure each entry is as free of grammatical errors as possible.

5. Find ways to make your story original.  Try something that few have dared to do.

Can you add other ways that would help increase the success of a serial fiction?


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