This is a small (and of course, incomplete) selection of what I deemed as some of the best shows on television (whether currently or in the past).   What makes them the best?

Interesting characters with a plot that keeps you either guessing or coming back for more (more for that blossoming love story, or what kind of misadventures will they find themselves in next, etc.).

Take a look at them below and let me know if you agree/disagree.

Can you name some shows that you think should be listed here as well?

Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman


Love the pioneer spirit of this series which tells a story of a young woman who makes a bold move to the Wild West (aka Colorado Springs) where she sets up a medical clinic as the town’s first female doctor.

Star Trek: Voyager


Another first for women where a starship is commandeered by its first female Captain as she try to keep her crew intact and alive (mostly) while they travel eon miles across a quadrant where no man or woman had gone before.

The Librarians


If you love magic, archeology, geeky stuff, and wild adventures, this show may be for you.   This cool series is currently running on TNT (heading for its fourth season!).

Prison Break


In this one, a man deliberately commits a bank robbery and is sentence to a maximum security prison where he masterminds a daring escape plan in order to save his brother (who’s on death’s row).  Pretty crazy, huh?  Oh, but it’s only gets better from there!



Think this is your standard good guy catches the bad guy show?  Hmm…



You’ll find all kinds of supernatural and paranormal (and everything in between) adventures on this show.  Not to mention the two eye candies that star in it.

Grey’s Anatomy


This series blends a perfect balance of comedy, drama, and romance along with medical stories that will keep you guessing or running for the door.



It’s the kind of story about Merlin, Arthur, dragons, and magic only the British can tell.  You won’t find a better version elsewhere!



Yeah, there are several forensics shows on television, but none can top Bones and her quirky (and sometimes unstable) squints, and hunk of a FBI agent/lover!  Beware though-don’t watch while eating (for those with squeamish stomachs).



Series center on survivors who crash-land on an island.   Keep a close eye on them though as nothing are as they seem!